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Watch the rules of rugby as explained by babes in this fantastic ad.

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Huddle_Kings500/1. The betting odds on Southern Kings to win the 2013 Super Rugby competition. We have seen worst. The changes of them winning their inaugural Super Rugby match were as utterly hopeless as a manager in a government department getting the hang of Office 2003. Dare to dream for indeed impossible is nothing. Morne Steyn spotting a gap and dashing 20 metres to score in the corner is not possible now is it?

This is where we are at. Morne Steyn can kick again and he scores tries. (Heyneke does a fist pump). Our young and freakishly talented flyhalves suddenly, are now as good as the hair products they advertise. In week 3 of the competition South African teams managed four tries. Two of which were scored in the last 10 minutes against a breathless Western Force.

Do not hit the panic button I pray. But it’s what we do best I know. We yet possess some useful clichés to use as trump cards to counter the naysayers that judge our style of play boring and lifeless. “We have a long season ahead. It’s still early days. Our structures are coming into place.”  Oh what ever does any of the above repetitions got to do with running on a rugby pitch with intent, passion and pride?  Coaches have become good politicians. We know exactly what they will spin, but their well articulated speeches bring hope. And hope is all we need. Hope that in a week’s time our team will be able to remove the blinkers and start playing in 3D. How gullible are we.

South African teams’ blatant resistance to entertain is now as irritating to me as an Australian derby. Whatever the odds of the Southern Kings, they sure as hell will not have their destiny decided for them. They played with pride, passion and structure. Can you imagine the pressure the team must have felt with the rest of the country dearly hoping they would fail? No one except Raffa Benitez will ever fully comprehend the anxiety. Yet, like Raffa the Kings did not compromise their vision. Success.

The sturdy journey continues for the Southern Kings this weekend when they do battle against the star-studded Sharks. I believe that the war veterans will prove to high a mountain to climb for the Eastern Cape rookies. However, I do not expect anything less from what I enjoyed two weeks ago. A colourful, vocal and passionate crowd cheering a team that has nothing but their pride and jersey. Do you remember those days?

P.S. For the romantics: 150/1 was the odds of Greece lifting the Euro trophy in 2004. They beat the likes of France, Spain and Portugal (twice) before lifting the trophy.

We love test cricket

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“If Twenty20 is like fast food, then Test cricket is Michelin-star dining.”

In the Daily Maverick yesterday, Ant Sims described Australia’s apparent leaked secret dossier as ‘predictable, inane and possibly the most absurd thing since Kevin Pietersen’s press conference at Headingley a few months ago.’ Well, if Ant cannot describe it better, very few can. It is a must read though, especially if your Friday is as dull as mine. So utterly banal were the report that I was convinced it was a cheap ploy by the Aussies. This morning’s show by Clarke’s troopers however, should have Aussie fans more than just a tad concerned. It also unequivocally confirmed that it was indeed not a hoax or Aussie trickery. It took the Mighty Australians forty overs to look completely uninspired and bewildered and by the sixtieth clueless and content to play out the eighty until the new ball was due.

In fairness, they did create some decent chances, which at one time had Siddle close to tears and on his knees. It came in bits and pieces though, with the South Africans much more consistent in attack. Amla and Peterson did at times seem somewhat reckless, but that approach changed after Peterson was prey to Lyon. Amla steadied ship and King Kallis looked supreme reaching 50 off 63 balls. And that was day one. Effectively, Australia’s worst ever first-day bowling performance at the Gabba in terms of wickets taken and runs conceded.

Ponting: “It’s OK Sids, Amla didn’t really mean what he said about your mom.”

It would be premature and ignorant to pass judgement after 82 overs of cricket, with South Africa’s two premier batsmen the chief contributors towards a decent 255 runs. Any team would have their work cut out with a top four such as the Proteas’. In the Aussies defence, they managed to keep the run rate below 3.4 runs when the odds were stacking. They missed crucial chances and as cricket fans we know tomorrow it could be the South Africans at the short end. Joy might come in the morning, with JP Duminy, chief destroyer the last time he toured in Oz, ruled out for the test series after rupturing his left Achilles’ tendon. JP would also have been the go to man in the absence of Tahir.

Biff’s men had their groove on and it became very clear from today’s proceedings that they have the upper hand in terms of continuity. Anything less would have been hugely disappointing. They are the no. 1 test team and Australia is playing their first test at home for the summer.

Clarke and his bowlers will have to dig deep convinced that another lacklustre performance will skyrocket the visitor’s confidence. Such is the scenario that day two might already be the decider. The Australians, like their rugby brothers against the Boks at Loftus, for the first time looked completely juiceless. I do not know what scares me most; an Aussie team with no creativity or meeting the person who compiled that dossier.

Meanwhile, I had a revelation on the comfort of my potty, where I lately spent a lot of time reminiscing about Heyneke Meyer. I love the Proteas more than the Boks. That’s huge! They may not boast a world champion title, but their winning average is superior. They are a force. The Boks are not. That is why we all jumped with the news that O’Driscoll and O’Connell were ruled out of this weekend’s test. We are actually now in with a realistic chance of beating the Irish! The Proteas on the other hand are consistent, feared, respected and on the field of play they make us proud. Is it because players are selected on merit? By coincidence half the team are players of colour. You never notice that, do you?

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“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.”
– Orison Swett Marden